Course Information

Primitive Cooking

One day class.

9 am to 6 pm

This class in truly a feast in the making. Regardless of the years of camping you have done, or if you are just getting started, this class will give you the skills to be a stone age chef! We have proudly offered this class since 1998.

Join us for our very ab-original cooking class; often imitated, but never duplicated! Our Primitive Cooking course will teach the food preparation skills of our ancestors as we use traditional cooking skills to create a feast for the mind and belly. Cooking techniques will be taught and during the course students will construct and use a stone fireplace with reflector, a stone oven and a steam pit. Other cooking methods to be covered are rock frying, coal baking, rock boiling in wooden bowls and a deer hide, clay baking and an Algonquin style green wood grill "Barbecue". Eating utensils, cooking containers and other subjects will be covered. A lunch, snacks and a dinner will also be part of this course. The menu for this course uses some modern ingredients and some traditional ones; and will include many kinds of meat prepared in different ways.

This course will run again on Sunday October 20, 2019.

The course tuition is $127 per person.

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